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Easy ways with organic gardening


Organic gardening is really about a state of mind. 

We canít control the pesticides and herbicides that are used so freely around us.   But we can take charge of our own gardens. 

And it isnít as complicated as you might think. 

The first thing to bear in mind is that plants that grow naturally in your own area will thrive in your garden. They will give you the least amount of trouble and will be relatively disease free. 

It may seem rather simple to point this out but its surprising how many people ignore it.

The bottom line with organic gardening is this simple rule:  donít try to grow azaleas in a dry sunny place.  Go for succulents instead! 

Climatic Conditions of your garden

The next rule is to take stock of your gardenís climatic conditions.  If you have a damp shady garden you will need to use plants that thrive in damp shady places such as ferns and rhododendrons. 

If you have a dry, sunny garden use drought resistant plants and flowers that thrive in sunny conditions.

Soil Conditions

The condition of the soil is a very important aspect of organic gardening. Enrich your soil naturally by using leaf mould and grass cuttings and natural mulches.

Try not to use artificial fertilizers as used incorrectly, these can often upset the natural balance of the soil. 

The aim is to  get a rich friable soil with lots of micro-organisms.  This is best achieved the natural way with compost and manure.