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Flowers can be grown quite easily the organic way provided that you use the kinds of flowers that do well in your area. 

The reason for this is that plants that do well in your area have become acclimatized to local conditions.  They have learnt how to withstand the local problems and diseases.  

For example, flowers that grow in gardens where the water is scarce have learnt how to adapt in the most ingenious ways.

Think of succulents like cacti that have water stored in their fat leaves so that the plant can survive for long periods at a time without water.   

The organic gardener knows how to take advantage of these special plant adaptations.  

Take a look at the flowers in your suburb. Most of the flowers that grow freely and flower prolifically are suitable candidates for your garden. 

Flowers are categorized into two main groups. Annuals and Perennials. 

Annuals and how to use them in your garden

Perennials for care-free gardening


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