How to Pick Spinach without Spoiling the Whole Plant

A healthy row or two of green spinach growing in your garden is truly a lovely sight.  Spinach is so quick and easy to grow that I often wonder why people don’t try to grow this health-giving vegetable more often.

I realize that not everyone loves spinach but there are some spinach recipes that could make even the greatest spinach despiser change her mind.


Photo:Mary Mactavish

Now as for picking spinach – there is a secret that not everyone knows.  Dedicated gardeners will know how – but there are some cooks who will advance on their kitchen gardens – huge carving knife in hand just waiting to decapitate whole plants without giving a thought to how they will regenerate.

Always remember – you don’t want your spinach plants to cringe and cower when they see you!

If you pick spinach carefully, the plants can go on growing the whole season and provide you with their nutritious green leaves for months to come.

How to Pick Spinach

The correct way to pick spinach is by removing only one or two healthy outer leaves from each plant.

By the time you have gone down the row you will have gathered a bunch full of fresh green spinach leaves.

In this way the spinach plant won’t even notice that it has been trimmed and it will continue to grow and produce fresh new leaves from the centre.

Here is an easy quick creamed spinach recipe that I’m sure you will enjoy.