Tips for Designing Cards with Pressed Flowers

A curved design

A curved design

Designing cards with pressed flowers is very easy. Once you have pressed your flowers they are so pretty that half the work is already done for you.

But that being said there are a few little tips that can help you get the best from your pressed flowers.

It’s important for pressed flowers to look natural in a design.  Because don’t forget, pressed flowers are flat and one dimensional.

Curved leaves

Curved Leaves

So it’s important to create an impression of depth with curving lines.

A clever little trick I have discovered is to use elegantly coiled tendrils and curled leaves in my flower designs.

It gives them the natural flowing look I want and the designs soon take on a curved and even three-dimensional appearance.

Designing with Leaves and Greenery

It’s important to use leaves and greenery when designing your cards.  They give depth and background to your design. And by the way, the stages at which greenery is picked makes a huge difference too.

Tender maple leaves picked in spring are completely different from the red and gold leaves harvested in autumn or fall.

There are many leaves of all descriptions that can be extremely useful and you can find these anywhere. In fact, I have designed many pictures that are predominantly made from pressed leaves.

If you put together leaves of different shapes and colours you will end up with some lovely collages.

I have created pictures of bunnies with pointed ears and round tummies set in a garden – all made from different shaped leaves. These are very popular for children’s bedrooms.

The tools you’ll need are simple and easy to obtain. You’ll probably find that you have most of the required materials for flower pressing in your home already.

And with the flood of mass-produced products on the market today there will always be a demand for your original hand-crafted items.

So make a point of looking at the flowers and greenery around you with a new sense of awareness – there’s hidden gold in your own back yard!

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