Calla lilies – Pink Marshmallow Arums

Pink Marshmallow Arum lilyI have just received a lovely gift of Calla lilies. They are actually Pink Marshmallow lily plants.

I have never seen any Calla marshmallow lilies in flower before but I did a bit of research and they are indeed beautiful creatures.

Apparently the marshmallow lily has clumps of dark green leaves and produces tall stems about 1 metre high adorned with these magnificent pink and cream flowers.

It appears that marshmallow lilies like dappled shade and flower in spring and early summer.

I’m rather excited about this. In fact I feel inspired – so much so that I have decided to make a planting of different coloured calla lilies together in one bed.  A mix of yellow, red and deep mauve arums together with these lovely marshmallow arums should make quite a splash of colour.

I don’t know if the different varieties (zantedeschia) will all flower together. I’ll have to find out if they need the same growing conditions. But as I learn more about these lovely flowers I will keep you informed.

Meanwhile if there are any calla lily experts out there, please share your wisdom about these lovely flowers.