Pickled Cucumbers – My Easiest Quickest and Best Recipe

Slice cucumber for pickling

Slice cucumber for pickling

Pickled cucumbers add zest to any meal. And when you can make them so easily and quickly there is no reason to be without them.

In my previous post,  Cucumbers by the Dozen,  I described how I had harvested tons of cucumbers from only six seeds.

Well this is how I made use of at least some of those cucumbers!

As a recipe this is truly a winner.  Quick, easy, fail proof and delicious.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait. You can eat them after two hours and they are delicious and crunchy.

So without further delay, here is:

My Pickled Cucumber Recipe. Read more

Cucumbers by the Dozen from your Own Garden

Growing cucumbersWhat could be nicer than a basket full of young green cucumbers fresh from the garden?  Well that is exactly what I had from my garden this summer.

And only from 6 cucumber seeds!

For some reason, we had been buying those long tunnel-grown cucumbers and it had been ages since I’d planted any of my own.

So early this summer I decided to give it a go. I chose a north-facing spot along the fence of my vegetable garden because I prefer cucumbers to climb.

Cucumbers that lie on the ground are liable to be eaten by insects.  And in any case, they always have a white underbelly where they have been in contact with the ground.

So I prepared the soil with lots of home grown compost. And then I bought a packet of cucumber seed and planted about 18 seeds.

It wasn’t a big patch as I reckoned we only needed one or two cucumbers a day.

In a few days the seedlings sprouted.  And once they were well established I thinned them out to only six plants at about 50 cm apart. Read more