Help! My Prize Irises are being Decapitated by Birds.

If you’ve never seen what an iris looks like after the birds have been at it – I can tell you.

Decapitated”  is the first word that comes to mind!

No sooner does an iris starts to show colour and begin to open than I find it lying in tatters on the ground.

Even the side blooms get decapitated one by one. Snapped off at the base of the flower with only a few ragged remnants lying on the ground to taunt me.

Iris 'The Admiral', 1938

Flickr photo : Tie Guy II

Birds that eat irises certainly have good taste. They can’t be faulted on that one.

But why don’t they rather go for the dainty little lobelias or some other tasty flower nearby?  Why are they choosing my prize irises?

To make matters worse, no one has heard of my particular gardening predicament.  They find it very funny and think I’m joking!

Fortunately for the birds I have an organic garden so I don’t use poisons.  And even though there are times when I could cheerfully roast those birds for our next Sunday lunch I don’t really want to hurt them.

So this is an urgent S.O.S. If you have had any experience with birds eating irises please get back to me in haste. If you have any suggestions I would be more than grateful.

S.O.S. Help me save my irises!