Fresh from the Garden Recipes

Strawberries fresh from the gardenAlthough this blog is about roses, gardening and vegetables I have added a new category – “Fresh from the Garden” which is already proving to be very popular.

It’s all about my own family recipes – tried and trusted recipes that I use personally to create mouth-watering dishes from the fresh, organic vegetables and fruit produced in our garden.

You may have seen one or two already – for example, my family recipes for pumpkin fritters and creamed spinach – directly from the garden to the pot. There can be no better flavour than using such fresh organic vegetables. Read more

Enchanted Gardens and Magic Forests

Magic Garden“ My desires are like seeds left in the ground.  They wait for the right season and then spontaneously manifest into beautiful flowers and mighty trees, into enchanted gardens and magic forests”   The Vedas.

“Enchanted gardens and magic forests!”

What a magical and inspirational quote!  If you nurture the scene in your mind you can create that same ambiance on the ground.

I have always been a secret admirer of magical gardens and enchanted forests.  And I have always had a secret desire to have one of my own because I am a self-confessed gardening addict.

I find that I am renewed, sustained and revitalized by a garden. And it doesn’t even have to be my own garden.  Any beautiful garden has the same effect on me. Read more