Planting by the Moon for Healthy Vegetables.

Quite a few gardeners believe in planting by the moon.

Planting by the moonPlanting  by the moon means that you take into consideration the phases of the moon before you do your planting.

Gardeners who plant by the moon also tend to harvest,  cultivate or deal with pests according to the phases of the moon.

Here in the southern hemisphere, the 22nd September is Spring Equinox day when knowledgeable organic and moon gardeners arrange to do their planting.

It’s supposed to be a very favourable time for planting because moon gardeners believe that plants thrive hugely when they are planted this way.

Well, I don’t know if planting by the moon works or not but I was willing to try.  So I prepared the soil carefully with compost the week before.  All my garden beds were ready and waiting for the important day. 

On exactly the right day I bought all my plants and seeds early so that I could spend the day planting.

Then as luck would have it, as soon as I had completed all my planting, the first spring rains came and gently watered all my handiwork. What a win!

All I had to do was to rest my weary limbs and wait patiently for some noteworthy results.

But there’s one more thing – moon gardeners are also supposed to talk to their plants.  I’ll be jolly careful to do this while no-one is watching or listening.  But talk I will.  I’m even prepared to sing to them! No point in doing things half-way!

An update on  my garden – It’s interesting to compare the results on two separate beds of aubergines.  I planted them at the same time but in one bed the plants are twice as tall as those in the other bed.

I can’t quite work out why.  Maybe I haven’t been singing loud enough!