Orchids are Spectacular and so Easy to Grow

Red OrchidOrchids had never captured my interest before. I always thought that orchids were hot house plants – fussy about their environment and difficult to grow.

It just shows what prejudice can do to your decision-making faculties.  Because nothing could be further from the truth.

I have been growing orchids for about a year now and I can quite understand how people become obsessed with them.

With every new addition to my orchid collection, my interest in orchid growing expands. It’s a great new hobby and I’m just loving it!

I read somewhere that a good hobby is defined by its ability to provide visible results in a short amount of time.  Well, orchid growing fits the definition to perfection.  Because with very little effort, you can get stunning results quite quickly.

Long-lasting Phalaenopsis Orchids

orchid colours

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Not only are orchid flowers glamorous – and I really mean spectacularly glamorous – but the best part is that they last for so long.

I have a few phalaenopsis orchids and they have been in bloom for over three months already.

Not because I have done anything special to them.  It’s simply their nature to go on and on for months at a time.

I had imagined that orchids were rather mysterious, delicate flowers; but on the contrary – they seem to be rather tough.

Orchid leaves are leathery, and the flowers don’t require much care.  The plants only need water about once a week and yet they produce the most wonderful flowers in all the colours of the rainbow.

If you have any orchid growing tips please post them here. I’ll be very happy to share them.

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    Orchids stand for beauty. That is something that every bride and groom want their wedding to stand for.

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