How to care for your Amaryllis Plants

Amaryllis on the patioMost people buy their Amaryllis plants from nurseries when they are in full flower because they are so spectacular.

But this is unnecessarily expensive particularly if you would like to have a collection of amaryllis flowers in different colours. In this case, you should think about purchasing a few bulbs.

Amaryllis Bulbs

Make sure that you buy the largest bulbs as mature bulbs will give you the biggest flowers. Smaller bulbs may skip a season before they flower and disappoint you.

As soon as you have planted your amaryllis bulbs – remember not to plant them too deep – water them thoroughly and allow the soil surface to dry a bit before watering them again.

Place them in a warm spot to stimulate root growth. A sunny spot is best because the plants need strong sunlight to produce strong sturdy flowers and stems. In the picture above you  will see how well my amaryllis plants thrive in a sunny spot on the patio! The stalks are about half a meter in length and are quite sturdy.

If you grow your plants in dim light conditions, the flower stalks will grow too long and spindly and your amaryllis plants will be more prone to breakage or tipping.

Amaryllis as an indoor plant

As soon as the first flowers appear you may want to take the plants indoors. Your amaryllis flowers will bloom for  much longer if they are protected from wind and weather. But wait until the first flowers have opened before you move them.

Then you can move them indoors to a spot where you have subdued light and a cool temperature. This will help you to preserve the open flowers for as long as possible.

Keep the bulbs barely moist. But when you water, be careful not to wet the portions of the bulb that stick out above the soil.

If the bulbs are large you may get two or three flowering stalks from each bulb and they will continue to bloom over a period of several weeks.

Then sit back and enjoy the show!

2 thoughts on “How to care for your Amaryllis Plants

  • March 2, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    I have 2 amaryllis plants from Christmas each one had 5 flowers on them and were quite big. I cut them back and they now have 5 green leaves on them. I believe that you have to keep them watered and in Sun to keep them growing. What I want to know is when do I leave them dormant so as the goodness will go back into the bulb. I have done this before but I don’t remember. I you would let me know I would greatly appreciate. I

    • March 2, 2011 at 7:03 pm

      Hi Lauretta,
      You are quite right about keeping your amaryllis in the sun and watered. Be careful though, not to over-water them as the bulbs could rot. About the leaves; I don’t cut the leaves of my amaryllis bulbs as these are supposed to feed the bulbs. Anyway you have 5 green leaves so that should be ok. They will go dormant after flowering and then you should just keep them until you see most of the leaves falling off.
      At the moment, mine are going into dormancy and they look rather messy but I still don’t cut them. You can reduce the watering. You can keep them in the same pot for a couple of years. But if you prefer you can take the bulbs out in winter and keep them in a dark dry place. In spring when you see the leaves starting to emerge from the bulb you can pot it and move it to a light and sunny spot.
      I hope that helps.
      Best wishes,

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