How I tricked those pesky birds

Deep Blue irises

Deep Blue irises

Those of you who have kept up with my saga of the birds versus my irises will know how long I have been battling with this problem.

Here is a reminder of what has happened year after year – and each time I have been hopelessly defeated.

The birds have beaten me hands down. And they haven’t even tried all that hard!

Each and every spring, they have bitten off all the heads of my prize irises and I have never had the luxury of enjoying them for even an hour or two.

They have simply been too clever and too quick for me.

But not this time!

Irises covered with plastic bags

Irises covered with plastic bags

Because now, as soon as the buds have formed I cover them with plastic sandwich bags.

And then after a few days I lift the bags, and Eureka! the flower unfurls in all its glory as I watch.  It’s almost like magic.

By this time the birds have lost all interest in them because the juicy calyxes have gone!

So here, on the right is what my irises look like when I have covered them with plastic bags.  Not very appealing, I know.

My blue irises in full glory

My blue irises in full glory

But now take a look at the reward (and my triumph) once I have removed the plastic bags!

So all you iris lovers who have been bullied by birds – you now have the means to turn the tables on those pesky birds.

If you would like to follow my recipe – be my guest. But please let me know how you fare.

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