Daffodils – Loveliest of Spring Flowers

Daffodil - a lovely spring flowerDaffodils are my favourite spring flowers. They bring a splash of sunshine to any garden or patio. And they start to bloom when the garden is dull and still recovering from winter.

As the poet Shelley wrote: “If winter comes can spring be far behind?

As you know, gardeners always have to think and plan for the seasons ahead.

So if you want a lovely spring show, plant your daffodils in the autumn when the nights are cool. They actually enjoy a period of cold before the bulbs start to sprout.

Daffodils are lovely planted in drifts under trees where they give a lovely woodland effect.  You can even plant them in little pockets in the lawn – as long as you remember not to mow there!

Daffodils are also perfect to grow in containers on your patio but make sure that they do not receive too much sun there. A position of dappled shade is best for them.daffodil - loveliest of spring flowers

My only objection to these lovely flowers is that you need lots of them to make a decent show. So the trick is to try to grow enough flowers so that you can happily pick a bunch or two to take indoors.

How to Buy Bulbs

Be sure to choose only the best bulbs from your garden nursery.

Never be tempted to buy bulbs in sealed packets no matter how pretty the picture on the cover. You need to be able to see and inspect the bulbs that you buy. Make sure that they are plump and healthy – and don’t buy any shriveled bulbs.

How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs

Plant your daffodil bulbs about 6 inches deep in damp, rich soil that you have fortified with some home-made compost. And remember to plant them with the pointed part facing upwards. Because the point of the bulb will eventually produce the stems and flowers.

Plant your bulbs in a semi-shaded position about 6 inches apart. Keep the soil damp but do not over-water them. Then mulch with some good compost.

Daffodils are a real luxury. If you want to pamper yourself buy as many bulbs as you can and indulge in the show that will surely follow.