A Sky Blue Clematis in full Bloom

Sky blue Clematis flowersMy clematis is so completely covered in these sky blue flowers that you can hardly see the leaves.

I had no idea that any clematis could be so prolific. Well it is – and I can only gaze in admiration.

Last night it rained heavily and I thought the flowers would be scattered on the ground but by this morning after only one or two casualties it is as bright as ever. To prove it to you I took this photo – after the rain.

As you can see I planted the clematis in a large pot but I have trained some of the tendrils along the black wrought iron fence behind it.

Now this clematis has had a rather interesting history.  I bought it about two years ago as a young sapling with three plate-sized flowers.

It grew well and by the end of the summer it needed secure staking.  But then winter came and robbed it of every bit of greenery. It looked like a mound of dry sticks. All the stalks were dry and lifeless. So I cut it right down to the base and hoped it would survive. Read more

Clematis in Heavenly Blue Profusion

Clematis in a containerI have gardened for many years but I had never seen a real live clematis till recently. I had seen pictures of different types of clematis but I had never seen a real clematis in bloom. That is – until we came to live in Gauteng.

We used to live at the coast – and clematis didn’t seem to be top of the list there.

Then one day at a garden display I saw this exquisite clematis plant with three of the most heavenly blue plate-sized blooms.

Suffice it to say that I was blown away – and of course I had to have it.

So I bought this very expensive clematis plant. It was very young and delicate so I looked after it with the greatest of care.  I watched every leaf bud open. Read more