Blue Irises look stunning with Roses

These blue irises were planted in front of this prolific rose bush and the combination is stunning.

The irises are the bearded hybrid variety and they don’t stop blooming. The colour combination is particularly striking too.

If you click the  picture you will be able to see a bigger photo which will give you a much better idea of the impact of the  contrasting colours.

I wrote in a  post some time ago that my irises were being decapitated by birds.  And that has continued for a few years in  succession.

Fortunately, this year there seems to have been no such massacre of my flowers.

I can only put it down to the good rains we had and also I have watered abundantly with an irrigation system.

There were so many flowers and roses this season that the birds didn’t need to forage for food among my irises.

Though I do have to admit that right in the beginning of the season when the irises first appeared, I  covered the large prize blooms with plastic sandwich bags.  And as I lifted the bags the huge flowers unfolded before my eyes.

It was quite an experience to watch – like those slow motion movies that show the unfurling of flowers except that this was in real time!

Striking Colour combinations in the Garden
I love using unconventional colour combinations in the garden and this one of deep blue, yellow and orange has been very successful and striking.  It creates quite a focal point in the landscape.

On the other hand I also like the gentler combinations of pink and orange.

To achieve this I have massed floribunda roses such as Deloitte and Touche together with  Amarula Profusion. Really lovely!