Best Apples for Baking and Cooking

Granny Smith Apples

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I found this great chart about the best apples to use for cooking and baking. It’s a very helpful guide because it’s so easy to get unstuck when you use the wrong variety.

For example, when making an apple sauce, if you use the the type of apple that doesn’t break up, you end up with a lumpy sauce.

And speaking of sauces I find that the best apple to use is Granny Smith because it makes a fine, smooth sauce with a sharp tang.

I also use Granny Smith apples for baking.  No need to add sugar either.  Just take out the core and replace it with a  few seedless raisins.

Works every time!

And by the way when I bake an apple pie I like to use Golden Delicious apples because they keep their shape and don’t break up! Now I don’t mean the whole apple if that’s what it sounds like – I slice them up into thin wedges!

Here is the chart explaining the various types of apples and their uses:

Best  Apples for baking and cooking



How to make healthy fruit juices


Fresh apples can also be juiced. You can add apple juice to carrot juice, strawberry juice, watermelon juice and many other types of fruit for a health giving and nutritious drink for the whole family.

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