You may have noticed how a patch of yellow roses can liven up a whole rose garden. It’s as if a ray of sunlight has settled into the garden to show up all the other colours.

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No sooner does an iris starts to show colour and begin to open than I find it lying in tatters on the ground. Even the side blooms get decapitated one by one. Snapped off at the base of the flower with only a few ragged remnants lying on the ground to taunt me.

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Some gardeners prune their roses almost right down to the ground so that the bush is left with canes that are only a few inches above the ground. I think it’s nothing short of murder.

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Little red eye buds along the stems will peep out and begin to fatten. Watch for this carefully because the roses need to be pruned before the eye buds on the stems burst into tiny leaflets .

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