Flower Pressing: A Creative Hobby for Gardeners

Flower Pressing – a Creative Hobby for Gardeners.

Pressed FlowersIf you are looking for a creative hobby that involves flowers and gardening, then flower pressing is surely one of the most rewarding interests you could possibly have.

Not only is flower pressing creative, it also gives you a new way of looking at your garden.

Flower pressing makes you take a look at different varieties of flowers that you would never have considered growing. It makes you look at tendrils and leaves with new interest and opens your eyes to the most interesting things in your garden that you have probably never noticed before.

Flowers are wonderful to work with at all stages.  They give you so much scope for creativity. And the beauty is that with flower pressing you can’t really go wrong because the flowers do everything for you!

You don’t have to be extremely artistic either.

Brightly coloured pressed flowers can be arranged with pressed leaves, buds and tendrils to create multi-coloured collages of all sizes and descriptions.

Flower pressing is a hobby for all seasons.

Of course the flowers you use for pressing are more plentiful in spring and summer but the rich autumn material will add a depth and colour to your pressed flower collection too.

Autumn leaves add richness: Red, gold, yellow and green autumn leaves of all shapes and sizes make wonderfully colourful collages that can bring warmth and interest to any room when framed.

The idea is to pick and press your flowers and leaves in spring and summer and to make your designs in autumn and winter.

You can make your pictures explode with colour.Pressed flower spray

There are ways to make your pressed flowers and foliage look vibrantly alive.You don’t have to put up with dull browns and greys. Your pressed flower pictures can look as if they have just come from an artist’s palette.

And the colours will remain bright for years to come.

For step-by-step instructions check out this flower pressing course