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Roses and Gardens

Natural and Organic Gardening

Ideas for the Home Garden


“Roses and Gardens” is all about natural and organic ways of home gardening.

The hints and tips featured here come from my experiences in my own garden.  I only write about the plants and trees that I have known personally! 

You will find that I concentrate on natural methods of gardening using home-made composts, mulches and non-toxic sprays.  

I have tried many safe, non-poisonous sprays with varying results.  These I will include for you in the organic gardening section.  

Gardening Blog

I also have a gardening blog attached to this website that you may like to visit.  It is a more topical journal of the actual things that are  happening  in my garden right now. You'll find it at Gardens and Gardening

I think it's important to remember that every garden is different because of varying soils and climates.  Even pests and diseases have their preferences!

 Micro-climates within each garden need to be considered carefully.  For example areas under trees are very different from open, sunny areas with regard to temperature and soil texture.

Areas protected by walls have a twofold climate – they reflect the sun strongly but they also protect against wind. 

Every garden is different and has its own rewards and challenges.  And that is one of the most exciting parts. 

You’ll find a varied collection of gardening articles and some strange recipes – that work. So check out these pages and see if you can find some tips and hints that you can apply to your own gardening.

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 A rose from my  garden!

This is one of the Classic Roses of all time. It has a wonderful scent and it lasts for a long time on the bush and in the vase. The bush is robust and flowers continuously.  It's a superb rose to have in your gardenRose Double Delight